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Do you want to work abroad?

For more than two years we have regular
cooperation with companies in Sweden and Germany

to know, to serve, to trust

by helping candidates find suitable careers, and by finding employers the people who best fit into their organisation, we create value for society as a whole. We ensure first-class service delivery of our HR solutions by using best practices and proven standardised business models across our international network.

We contribute to a better society as we can leverage our experience and expertise in the labour market, maximising future employment and economic growth.

The most common industries for working abroad

See how you can work abroad for our partner companies


Step 1

Application / Review of Application and Documents

Step 2

The signing of the pre-contract with prishtinaJOB and the contract with the German or Sweden company

Step 3

Application for work permit and working visa

Step 4

Issuing a work visa from the embassy and traveling to the workplace

Is the language your problem?

Our company offers you the opportunity to learn the language of the country where you will work. If some of our job offers are tailored to you, but the problem is language, we allow you to participate in language courses. Our courses are offered at the most affordable price.